Funny horoscopes - as the spring acts on feelings

spring 1

Only on very "confused" people spring as the natural phenomenon, at all does not operate. All others have a spark in opinion of, desire to change the life, to aggravate feelings and to meet "prince on a white horse" - if not forever, at least, on some days. Together with a horoscope for a week we give the forecast "AS the SPRING ACTS on FEELINGS?"

ARIES (21.03. - 20.04.)

Has come time of all Aries and nudists. A spring appeal "to remove fur coats and valenoks" for a short while is late in mind of Aries, they and strive to execute this action as it is possible more diligently - here business will not manage one winter coat. If to undress - that to the full extent. About, the Aries naked - the spring has come.

TAURUS (21.04. - 21.05.)

Silence - the Taurus at an entrance kisses. But that anybody knew nothing, as though anything and was not. The Taurus - the simple guy, it and behind a word in a pocket will not get, and if will fall in love - that pursues "object" up to the victorious end. But the spring acts on terrestrial bulls exotically strange. They start to disappear, hesitate, be hidden, and from under shelter strike indestructible blow to the to "the loved opponent".

spring 2

GEMINI (22.05. - 21.06.)

The most talkative people of a planet starts to shout in all throat. The song of spring cats it overstrains, poured by all possible and impossible overtones, and calls for love. These twins in the spring "spit on themselves", but should peep at a keyhole.

CANCER (22.06. - 22.07.)

The cancer can operate with such words as love to the Native land, Fatherland, love to the house, family, parents, but "short-term love". Cancers simply will not understand spring flirtation about what there is a speech! What is such - change or flirtation? Even in the most thoughtless attitudes of which the Cancer is capable, the LOVE FOR EVER is meant... Here therefore of all of them also make a fool! In the spring they not up to feelings - with business should understand.

LEO (23.07. - 23.08.)

"Has bothered!" - the Lion shouts; "do not stick to me!" - appeals curly; "Allow to have a rest"! Every day, all year, all life is ONE BIG, HUGE FLIRTATION. Spring - time of rest. Usually at this time year they, having put the tail between the legs, run from the previous victim. And as a lion - a thoroughbred animal - will run in English.

spring 3

VIRGO (24.08. - 23.09.)

The spring passion "beats out at the Virgo all four legs from under a chair". And Mr. the Virgo adores well to sit, far to look. Therefore in the spring or the small winter novel of a "cold" sign comes to an end, or it passes in absolutely other channel: jealousy, sarcasm, desire to change the person loving you. SPRING - ROUGH PASSIONS, Both LOVE THROUGH HUMILIATIONS.

LIBRA (24.09. - 23.10.)

Libra start "to cover" beloveds in the spring. It is shown in desire to test favourite at any cost. In mind of "sellers of love" all over again ripen strange вопросики, type: whether "And so it loves me, how speaks?" And if loves, why does not prove it and does not fulfil the promises? Time of audit of the feelings, quarrels and conflicts with favourite Also begins, even there is a desire more likely to find object of love in embraces of other person, than to doubt of the mistakes.

SCORPIO (24.10. - 22.11.)

The SCORPION ALWAYS WANTS, BUT CAN not in the SPRING!!! Why cannot? Heals wounds, it is typed vitamins, accumulates poison for a following victim. That's it at this time the Scorpion can be caught "lukewarm". The weariness, drowsiness, slackness, vulnerability raise; it would like heat and a cosiness, and it will be given any sign on the Zodiac, only in the subordinated position as itself in the spring on what is not capable.

spring 4

SAGITTARIUS (23.11. - 21.12.)

At the Sagittarius in the spring all is very simple, as in spring: "Sex I want" - the amorous sign on the zodiac appeals. It is possible prohonour on a charming smile, the passionate sight, the new hairdress, causing clothes and even, forgive for such details, on new underwear which, by the way, can and to not be. To hell all barrier if those in general exist for this sign on the Zodiac - forward! Each Sagittarius starts up the arrows and hopes to catch both a frog, and a toad, at the worst - the lizard.

CAPRICORN (22.12 - 20.01.)

At all of you "not as at people", you prefer frosty winter, instead of spring slush. Winter stability of frosts associates at you with stability of feelings beloveds. Almost every spring the Capricorn experiences depression in occasion of the termination of winter, and much depends on the person whom you will meet on the way. You are not capable to fall in love in the spring, and here if will grow fond of you - then absolutely an another matter! But remember: in the spring you pull to the native house, to family, to a fireplace, romanticism, a house cosiness.

AQUARIUS (21.01. - 19.02.)

In the spring the Aquarius dreams of the fantastic countries, the cognitive travel, new meetings under mysterious circumstances. The aquarius thirsts changes and as anybody another, wants flirtation and a variety. Change of image, change of the partner, an easy discharge is necessary for them. It serious does not mean anything, as, we shall admit, the Cancer or the Capricorn, and wishes to have a good time simply.

spring 5

PISCES (20.02. - 20.03.)

With the first "a sigh of spring" Pisces have an inferiority complex: "Again winter has in vain lived; nothing has bought for itself; how I look in opinion of associates? Has grown stout till the sizes sea cat with the person of a shark and feelers of an octopus" - a typical monologue of Pisces. Starts to accumulate resources and to be engaged in itself, the kind and opinion on in opinion of associates. The love already depends not on momentary circumstances, and from monetary accumulation. If with the finance all is good - that and problems in private life any, in a return case - all is very bad!

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