Clairvoyance trainer - unrivaled !!!

load new square
over again

It is a Red, Blue or Green square hidden under the gray square. Try to imagine it and select the color of your imaginary square.

You must make not less then 50 attemts (better more then 100), your results to be confidence

The Red, Blue or Green sguare is already loaded, before you make a decision. But you do't see it until you select the variant.
Every time you will select the variant you'll open the LOADED sguare. After your choise, you'll know right it or wrong. Then, load the new square.
Try this trainer in a different time of the day, in a diffeernt condition, experiment with it. Wery soon you'll understand how you must make a desigion in your life, think them carefuly or trust your subconsciousness, make a desigion on morning, evening, when you drunk, tired or ever more.

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