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today - 9 moon day

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Advice: Cleansing your thoughts, body and soul. Active protection from aggression and negativity is necessary. It's important to learn to overcome seductiveness and obstructions of this day. This day has positive energies that can be used for spiritual growth. Wisdom will help to find solutions in dead-end situations. Day is great for physical training.

Avoid: Do not get caught today in illusions, empty dreams and unfulfilled wishes. Avoid family fights, skirmishes and scandals. It is not recommended making important decisions, and staring new business.

tomorrow - 10 moon day
Advice: Day is good for creation of a new family, a marriage. Day is also good for finding new sources of energy, as well as for beginning of new, important plans, actions, business, building of a house, etc.

Avoid: Avoid acting without thinking and being involved is a conflict today.

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