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today - 17 moon day

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Advice: Day is good for joy, laughing, celebrations and some wine drinking. Wholesome for couples relationships, sexual contacts and is wonderful for a marriage. Love is the brightest aspect of the day, but be careful with this energy.

Avoid: Avoid creating barriers and difficulties today. Avoid falling into carouse and excess. Don't take offers, and don't give promises, so not to create debt and diminish freedom. Continence can cause health and behavioral problems.

tomorrow - 18 moon day
Advice: Try to get a critical look at yourself from the outside, get rid of negative tendencies and bad habits. Noticing flaws, focus on changing them, and make better your character. Body cleansing, water cure and massages are recommended. Fasting or vegetarian diet is preferable. Good for interaction with nature, and observation of plant and animal life.

Avoid: Energy of the day can make you passive and easy to control. Day contain temptation and deception. Avoid illusions and low unconscious instincts. Be careful with your health, especially with any medical treatments.

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