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today - 21 moon day

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Advice: It's important to be fair and honest in everything, fulfill obligations, take responsibility. Great day for any physical activity, sports, competitions, group games, and spending more time outdoors. Best day for switching to a new job, going on a trip, beginning a journey. Day is good for bath, sauna.

Avoid: Avoid spending day alone, selfishness. Meat, fat and heavy food should be excluded.

tomorrow - 22 moon day
Advice: Great day for gathering and sharing knowledge, reading, learning, studying old sacred books, mantras and prayers, old customs, traditions, finding roots, as well as using new sources of information. Recommended intellectual generosity, knowledge dissemination, experience and wisdom sharing. Solve your problems and achieve your goals using knowledge.

Avoid: Avoid rushing with negotiations, fast moves (literally), and words. Avoid being conservative. Pay attention to offers you receive today, they require time and contemplation. Fasting is not recommended, but vegetarian food preferable.

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