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today - 1 moon day

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Advice: Analyse the past and your place in the world. Forgive everyone. This will help clean soul and get rid of many mental problems. All thoughts have to be perfectly clear. Good time for thinking, planning, and visualizing final results of what we want to achieve by the end of this moon cycle. Meditation on burning flame, prayers, creative visualization of what's desired as the final result, work with mental energies and thought forms is essential.

Avoid: Avoid personal contacts and group events. Physical strain and stress, nervous breakdown and fatigue. Be careful of what you think and make plans of. Negative thoughts may have disastrous consequences. It is not recommended to begin new and important actions (business). Just thinking and planning. Alcohol and hot, spicy food should be avoided.

tomorrow - 2 moon day
Advice: Be magnanimous to others, and yourself, everything will come back multiplied. Good time for beginning a learning process, reading, studying. Good time for child conceiving. It is recommended to keep to a diet.

Avoid: Anger and avidity should be carefully avoided. Begining of new and important actions or business is still early, this time is for thinking, planning and gathering strength.

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