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today - 7 moon day

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Advice: Today the nature surrounding you is very receptive to what you say, even unintentionally, and you have to work with your words. Heartfelt prayers and good wishes will come true.

Avoid: Be very careful what you say and wish. Important to avoid lying. It's better to keep silence, than to lie. Speak less, avoid incessant chatter, empty promises, use of meaningless and repetitious words. Protect your lungs and be careful not to get cold.

tomorrow - 8 moon day
Advice: Today you must be pure and selfless. Free ourselves from the weight of problems, and everything that holds you back. Move forward. Good day to visit close friends and relatives, to forgive, bring positive new changes, build better relationships. Good day to cleanse home with burning candles.

Avoid: Avoid meeting with unreliable people, stress and strain. Be careful with open fire.

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